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Welcome to Greenhouse Staging

Growhouse now offers a range of strong and beautifully designed greenhouse staging with a choice of surfaces suitable for use in the greenhouse, potting shed or workshop.

The greenhouse staging is available with a slatted table top in either Satin Natural Aluminium with a ridged surface for extra grip or in long lasting Western Red Cedar for an ecologically considered solution. Greenhouse staging with slatted surfaces, encourage air circulation around the roots of your plants and discourage damping off.

The resources of Britain’s foremost greenhouse manufacturers have been combined to design this simple yet strong greenhouse staging, Hartley Botanic are world leaders in Beautiful Aluminium Greenhouses whilst Gabriel Ash Greenhouses bring their cedar experience to the wood and aluminium combinations.

If you wish to place your plants in a tray, covered in silver sand or pea gravel for the surface to retain moisture, then opt for the natural aluminium sheet greenhouse staging which forms a surface 24mm deep (about 1”) and when covered provides an ideal propagation bed.

Buy on-line or telephone our order line 01829 271890. Delivery is from our Cheshire central workshop and should be with you in a very short time, but by 28 days at the most.

Now just select your style and finish of your greenhouse staging from the menu of six choices on the left and follow the simple procedure.

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